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South Central Public Health District

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Idaho's Public Health Efforts

Public health efforts began in south-central Idaho in 1928. Twin Falls County was fighting an "infectious" meningitis epidemic. Hundreds of cases and many deaths resulted in a quarantine of the entire city of Twin Falls. The county commissioners developed the first area health unit consisting of three public health nurses and a sanitary inspector. Today, South Central Public Health District employs nearly 100 professionally trained nurses, dietitians, epidemiologists, a dental hygienist, health educators, and environmental specialists.

South Central Public Health District is the leader in the multi-county concept of providing public health services. We have offices in Bellevue, Gooding, Heyburn, Jerome, and Twin Falls; and with part-time clinics in Shoshone and Fairfield we serve all eight counties of south central Idaho and are part of a statewide system of seven public health districts.

South Central Public Health District is governed by an eight-member Board of Health with a representative from each of the eight counties. Regular board meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month and are open to the public. Occassionally meetings will be moved or canceled depending on other scheduled activities of the Board and administration.

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